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The Venturer Scout Uniform - Pre 2011

Scouting began as a Movement in which members wore a simple but distinctive uniform.  The uniforms worn today have evolved from this original Scout uniform and have a number of purposes, including identification of the wearer as a member of Scouts Canada and the World Organization of the Scout Movement, encouraging pride of belonging to Scouting, and  providing a common dress in which members from all segments of Canadian society can meet as equals.

The uniform is worn for ceremonial activities as designated by the company or when representing the group or Scouting to the public.  The uniform is not normally worn for general meetings or informal activities.

The 15th Burlington Venturer Company uniform consists of the following options as shown below:  tan Scouts Canada Shirt / Blouse, Venturer Section Epaulettes, blue Venturer section belt, group neckerchief, and woggle.  The "sash" option has not been adopted by 15th Burlington.

The Venturer Uniform

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