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The Rover Scout Uniform

15th Strathcona Rover Scout, Fall 2012

Our new uniforms have been unveiled - the first major redesign in 20 years!  Details on the new uniform are below, and you can check out the new look at

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The Scouts Canada uniform represents a history of involvement, of association with a set of principals, of helping others, and of fun, adventure, activity, and learning by doing.  Your uniform identifies you as a member of the world's largest youth organization.

Rooted in more than 100 years of tradition, the iconic Scouting uniform is getting an exciting new makeover! As part of a comprehensive national Action Plan for Canadian Scouting, Scouts Canada recently announced its partnership with the Joe Fresh® brand to design a stylish and dynamic clothing line that reflects the organization’s spirit and energy. The contemporary uniforms were revealed in March 2011 during a celebratory event held in Toronto, Ontario - and were adopted for use in September 2011.

The new Rovr Scout formal uniform will generally only be worn on formal occasions, or when working as a section leader, and is consistent with the new Scout and Venturer Scout uniforms.  The 15th Strathcona Rover Scout Crew uniform consists of the following options as shown below:  red Scouts Canada shirt, group neckerchief, and woggle.  


Rover Scout Uniform

The Rover Scout Uniform

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