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Adult Leader Uniform Requirements

Our new uniforms have been unveiled - the first major redesign in 20 years!  Details on the new uniform are below, and you can check out the new look at

NOTE: The new uniform is primarily for new members as they enter the program, or for when uniforms need to be replaced.  Current volunteers are welcome to continue to wear the older style uniform until the uniform requires replacement.

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Why Do We Wear Uniforms?
Adult Uniform Diagram
Adult Uniform Components
Youth Uniform: Cub Scouts
Youth Uniform: Beaver Scouts

Youth Uniform: Scout

Youth Uniform: Venturer Scouts

Youth Uniform: Rover Scouts

Why Do We Wear Uniforms?

All Youth Leaders:  

When Baden-Powell began the Scouting movement in 1907, one of its principal cornerstones was the concept of youth learning and growing under the guidance of adult leaders who would act as acceptable role models. A tall order to be sure for any adult member, and a task not easily accomplished. The guiding universal principals of the movement have remained basically unchanged for the past ninety years and are still relevant today. It is our duty, in fact, our responsibility as leaders to set the best example we possibly can for our youth members.  

One small way we can accomplish this is by teaching respect for the movement and its traditions by presenting ourselves to our youth and the public in full and proper uniform. When a youth or an adult member joins, it is made clear that Scouting is a uniformed movement and that each member is expected to comply with the uniform requirements as set out by Scouts Canada. We all expect our youth members to comply, therefore we should not expect nor accept anything less of ourselves. The requirements for each unit, Beaver Scouts through adult leaders, vary slightly, in order to express the uniqueness of each unit while maintaining the recognizable characteristics of Scouts Canada and World Scouting.

Another area where leaders can set a proper example is that of personal health, fitness and hygiene. A few of our adult members are smokers; a practice discouraged but not restricted by Scouts Canada. The choice of whether or not to smoke is up to the individual, however a few simple guidelines should be observed when working with youth.

  • Never smoke in front of any youth member, or other adult non-smoker for that matter. If you feel the need, you are asked to he discrete and do so away from others.
  • Never leave your youth unsupervised in order to have a smoke break.
  • Smoking, by law, is prohibited on Board of Education property as well as most other public properties.
  • Common sense should always prevail.  

15th Strathcona has a long history of very active and dedicated leadership. Our current leadership team is no exception. Working together we can only make it better and provide a superior Scouting experience for all our youth members.  

As always you are asked to "do your best".  

Your 15th Strathcona Group Committee

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Adult Leader Formal Uniform Diagram

Adult Leader Uniform

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Adult Leader Uniform Components



Headwear Optional Baseball-style or Safari Hat
Neckwear 15th Strathcona Group or Woodbadge neckerchief
Shirt / Blouse Red Formal Uniform Shirt
Slacks/Skirt Tan
Shorts Tan
Belt Brown Leather Scouts Canada
Shoes Black or brown

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