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15th Strathcona Troop Specialty Badge—Mountaineering


Purpose: To introduce youth to the field of mountaineering.
  1. Be able to explain and demonstrate the proper use of safety equipment appropriate to the mountaineering activity you are participating in.
  2. Show by your participation that you understand the rules, safety precautions, and communication signals appropriate to the mountaineering activity you are participating in.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to tie a Woven Figure Eight, a Half Fisherman's Knot, and a Double Water Knot, and explain how they are used as a part of your safety equipment.
  4. Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, and with parental permission, take part in at least one of the following activities:
  • Top Rope Rock Climbing
  • Ascending
  • Rappelling
  1. After your session, discuss with a Scouter how your skills at the activity might be improved.




These Rocks Sure Are COLD!
Top Rope Rock Climbing

Requirements for this badge were established by the 15th Strathcona Troop Court of Honour—November 2000

For Rappelling information in the Central Escarpment Council, visit the "On Rappel" Scouting Website

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