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Bottle Drive 2004 Troop Bottle Drive
January 3, 2004 

Our main Troop fundraiser for this year was once again our annual Bottle Drive held on Saturday January 3rd. Collecting at this time allows us to take advantage of bottles accumulated over Christmas. This fundraiser is different than all the others done by the group in that ALL funds raised at this event go DIRECTLY to the Troop's activities. Collecting and returning the bottles also helps recycle the bottles, which helps cut down on the energy and resources required to produce new glass bottles.  Just prior to the holiday, each Scout was given fliers to distribute to all the houses in a given area of the neighbourhood. Then, on January 3rd we canvassed the area for bottles. 

This year's drive was our most successful ever, due in no small part to the 12 Scouts, and several guests, who participated.  Through the generosity of our community we collected nearly 9,000 returnable containers (beer bottles and Becker's milk jugs), raising over $950!  Thanks go out from the Troop to our hard-working adult helpers, the Kowalchyk's for again hosting us, and to our local community who has again shown its support of Scouting in Burlington.

Sorting Returnable Bottles From Recyclable Bottles
Sorting Returnable Cans From Recyclable Cans

Keeping Things Organized
Keeping Things Organized

Another Load, Stacked And Ready To Go
Another Load, Stacked And Ready To Go

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