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"Escape And Evade" Patrol Challenge
November 20, 2003 

Based on the success of an Oakville Area Scouting event we took part in last year, we decided this year to run our own "Escape and Evade" activity during our November 20 meeting.  Each Patrol was outfitted with a compass and a set of instructions.  Starting off from the Appleby Mall parking lot, each Patrol received a list of coded instructions to get from the start point back to the meeting hall through the neighbourhood, passing special checkpoints along the way.  Scouter Graham came up with a cryptic list of clues to provide direction, some of which we quite challenging. A clue reading “Avenue of Coniferous Trees” would mean the Scouts should go down FORESTWOOD Avenue, for instance.  If the clues weren't enough, the Scouts also had to collect candy at the checkpoints along the way (and not eat it), and protect "Eggbert", their Patrol Egg, throughout the course.

All the Scouts had no knowledge of the course before hand, so they did quite well.  Only one Patrol veered a bit off course, but the other three finished in the right place at the right time.  The Wild Duck Patrol had the honour of finishing with the best time, most candies, and their egg intact!  None of the Patrols needed to open their "emergency map".

Start Point: Appleby Mall
Start Point: Appleby Mall

The Wolf Patrol Reviews The Instructions
The Wolf Patrol Reviews The Instructions

First Checkpoint - Don't Eat The Candy!
The Wolverines At The First Checkpoint - Don't Eat The Candy!

The Wild Duck's Race To Checkpoint #3
The Wild Ducks Race To Checkpoint #3

Meeting Up With Scouter Phil On The "Trail"
Meeting Up With Scouter Phil On The "Trail"

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