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18 Wheeler Crest

ScoutTruck Rally
March 7, 2002

This year we ran our 4th annual 18 Wheeler Race on March 7th, and once again the Scouts built an impressive fleet of ScoutTrucks!  For anyone new to the 18 Wheelers, a ScoutTruck is a model tractor-trailer that is built out of the pieces of wood in a kit package. The trucks race on a modified Kub Kar track, and use the same basic wheel design, but the design options are far more elaborate. Scouts have the option of building several kinds of tractor designs, and basically have an unlimited option of trailer designs.  

This years "convoy" included the "Skittles" Truck, a Petro-Canada tanker, a flatbed car carrier complete with Hot Wheels cars, and a missile transport among others.

Congrats to our top three troop finishers, Jeff, James, and Colin; and to our "people's choice" design pick, Jesse.

Some Of Our 2002 Model Year Fleet
Some Of Our 2002 Model Year Fleet

The Scouts Set Their Trucks
The Scouts Set Their Trucks

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...Sort Of....

Heading Down The Loooong Track
Heading Down The Loooong Track

This Year's Top Three!
This Year's Top Three!

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