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Fall Outdoor Skills Camp 2001
November 16-18, 2001 - Christie Lake Conservation Area

Christie Conservation Scout Report
Report by: Scout Spencer J.- Wolverine Patrol

when I had arrived at the Christie Conservation Area, Friday Night, almost an hour late, I strolled over to my Wolverine Group. We had to put up another tent for us to sleep in. Scouter Liz, my Dad and Scouter Paul helped us put up the tent in the dark. Unfortunately we had to go straight to bed.

The PL's and APL's Start Their First Session
The PL's and APL's Start Their First Session

Getting The Fire Going
Getting The Fire Going

Taking A Bearing At Scouter Phil's Event
Taking A Compass Bearing At Scouter Phil's Event

The next morning, Saturday, I awoke, got up and saw the sunrise. I went with some other scouts to have a little walk along the lake and found out that it had been drained, making it look very odd. For breakfast our group had pancakes and sausage rounds. After breakfast we all cleaned up the dishes. The Wolverine Group's morning assignment was to go to each learning station to help achieve with our outdoor skills
1. Our first station was on storms and wild life in the wilderness.
2. Station two was on clean water, frostbite, hyperthermia, hypothermia, and sunstroke. My brother Scouter Curtis helped at this station.
3. Station three was on compasses and learning how to use them.
4. Station four was on how to light a fire properly.

After our morning instruction, we had Juicy Jumbos for lunch, which were very tasty. Of the two groups that ate Juicy Jumbos, we boiled ours and Cobra Group grilled their Juicy Jumbos.


Strolling Onto The Christie Lake Dam
Strolling Onto The Christie Lake Dam

Any "Dam" Questions?
Any "Dam" Questions?

Taking A Break With Scouter Phil On The Trail
Taking A Break With Scouter Phil On The Trail

After lunch, Wolverine Group went on an "Around the Lake Hike" with the entire 15th Burlington Troop. 10th Burlington and 6th Burlington also joined us. After hiking for 6.5 kilometres, we finished the hike and returned to base camp.

As the day ended, we prepared for supper. I was in charge of helping with the fire to make "tin foil dinner". For our "tin foil dinners", we had to make coals from the fire to cook our "tin foil dinner". After dinner some special ceremonies took place.
1. Ceremony one was for Colin who was invested onto Scouts.
2. Ceremony two was for Scouter Paul, who was invested to become a leader.
After the investitures, I went to bed. I missed mug up, as I was too tired.

Scouter Bill Invests Colin
Scouter Bill Invests Colin

Mmmmm, Bagel Subs......

Sunday Morning, everybody was up and in uniform. For breakfast, I was to flip the "French toast" and bacon. It was a great breakfast to eat. All the groups had to clean up the breakfast dishes. After our chores were finished, the whole troop had to clean out and take down the tents. Once all the tents were disassembled, some scouts had free time before lunch.

Lunch on Sunday was super subs, which turned out to be very tasty. We then cleaned up the camp area and our families started to arrive to pick us up.

Mv Observations

For a fall camping trip, this one was very interesting. We learnt about many important things that you could use if you were stranded in the wild.

The food turned out to good enough to eat, even if scouts had cooked it.

The weather was cool at night but warm enough during the day and it didn't rain. It seemed to take a long time for the day to warm up.


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