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Alternate "Dog Sled"Plans

Here's an alternative to our current sled design, a lighter design that we used from 1997-2004.  Not as sturdy as the existing design, but it worked quite well..  You need about 12 m of 1x2 clear pine and .25 kg of 1-1/2 drywall screws.  While the plan below shows how you can make your own runners, and old pair of skis will do the trick as well (that's what we use).  When you're finished building the sled, you can paint it in your troop or patrol colours.

15th Burlington's Dog Sled, M*A*F*U
15th Burlington's Legendary Dog Sled, M*A*F*U

Our late, great former dog sled (nicknamed M*A*F*U for reasons known only to a select few) was designed to be easily taken apart and stored.  Instead of using the drywall screws, we used bolts and wing nuts to attach the back supports and seat. Sadly, M*A*F*U made its final run at the final Burlington Area Winter Camp in 2004.

In Burlington Area, Scout Troops from across the city for many years raced their sleds at the annual winter camp.

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Sleigh Plans - Copyright Scouts Canada, National Council

- plans reproduced from the Canadian Scout Handbook (1997 Edition).  Reproduced with the kind permission of Scouts Canada, National Council.

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Sleigh Plans & Directions, Copyright İ 1997 Scouts Canada, National Council
All other contents, Copyright İ 2000 Scouts Canada
, 15th Strathcona Scouting Group
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Photo Credit: Scouter Bill Kowalchyk

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