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Winter Camp Kim's Game

Working On An Outdoor Survival Problem

Set up a collection of personal winter camping equipment. Cover the collection with a blanket or sleeping bag.

The collection should include items that should be taken to winter camp and some that should not (eg jeans). Some necessary items should be omitted.

Each patrol is given two minutes to view the collection without making notes. The patrols then make three lists from memory: what was there and should be used for winter camping, what was there and should not be used, and what was missing and should be used.

When all patrols have completed their lists, assemble the troop in a circle and have a spokesman for each patrol read the patrol's list and give reasons for their decisions. If necessary, leaders can make additional comments during and after this discussion. All members of the troop can add comments or ask questions.

Further discussion with the troop often happens. It is a good idea to call on experienced Scouts for contributions.

See if the Scouts include the blanket or sleeping bag in their lists!

Don Burgess
13th Burlington Scouts

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