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About The 15th Strathcona Troop Court of Honour

The 15th Strathcona Scout Troop's Court of Honour is comprised of all Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders in the Troop, plus the Troop Leader.  The Court of Honour is instrumental in assisting the Troop's Adult Leadership Team plan badge work, activities, camps, and special events.  Past activities in which the Court of Honour played a leading role in planning and organizing include the Fall Skills Camp, and the Troop Ski Trip.  The Court of Honour is also responsible for approving Chief Scout's Award applications from Troop members.

Court of Honour Code

Each member of the Court of Honour is responsible to:

  1. Set a good example in living the Scout Promise and Law;
  2. Uphold the honour and traditions of the troop;
  3. Consider the wishes of the patrol before personal wishes;
  4. Be fair in making all judgments;
  5. Abide cheerfully by the decisions of the majority;
  6. Help the Troop Scouter with the operation of the troop;
  7. Respect the secrecy of Court of Honour discussions when appropriate.

The Responsibility of the Court of Honour

  1. Guarding the honour of the troop by its youth members
  2. Provide youth input to the planning of Troop activities and give feedback to the Troop Scouter and Patrol Counsellors
  3. Provide youth members an opportunity to make decisions about Programs, Patrol Competitions, Badge requirement completion by youth and Discipline of youth members not upholding the Troop's Honour or Code of Conduct

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Court of Honour Downloads

Duty Roster, Grubmaster's Shopping List, and Menu Planner Adapted From Forms Created By Troop 497, Texas, MD, USA.

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