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Olympic Spirit Winter Camp
Camp Manitou, February 27 - March 1, 1998

Let The Games Begin....... (Jeff Rogers)
Let The Games Begin....... (Jeff Rogers)

One of the highlights of the Scouting year at 15th Burlington is the annual All-Section Winter Camp.   Typically held in January or February, the camp is enjoyed by Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers with joint activities on Saturday afternoon.  On Saturday evening, the group gets together for a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings followed by a group campfire.  This is a great time and gives all the youth in each section a chance to work together and get to know each other.

Team Skiing Action! (Bill Kowalchyk)
Team Skiing Action! (Bill Kowalchyk)

For 1998, in honour of the Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, we held an Olympic Spirit Winter Camp, complete with our own version of an awards ceremony.  Despite not recieving the snow we had hoped for,the weekend was a great success.  42 youth, representing all our sections, attended the event.

Thanks go out to our organizers, parent helpers, Camp Chief Tony van Veen, and our Venturers for helping make our 1998 Camp a memorable weekend.

The Blind Leading The Blind? (Jeff Rogers)
The Blind Leading The Blind? (Jeff Rogers)

spirit5.jpg (15562 bytes)
Mush, You Huskies! (Jeff Rogers)

Schedule of Activities

Friday February 27th

7:00 - 8:00 pm Units arrive at Camp
Cubs (Rotary Lodge)
Scouts (Adorondak)
Venturers (Patrol Cabin)
11:00 pm Leaders Meeting at Mac Lodge
(each unit must be represented by at least one leader)

Evening activities by individual units


Pulling It All Together... (Bill Kowalchyk)
Pulling It All Together... (Bill Kowalchyk)

Sprooooingggg! (Jeff Rogers)
Sprooooingggg! (Jeff Rogers)

Saturday February 28th

Morning activities by individual units

9:00 am Beavers arrive at Camp (Mac Lodge)
12:45 pm Formation of teams (main camp fire area)
1:00 pm Opening Ceremonies (Rotary field)
parade of nations (from main camp fire area to Rotary field)
flag raising, lighting the flame
1:30 pm Game session one
1:50 pm Game session two
2:10 pm Game session three
2:30 pm Break (hot chocolate & cookies at picnic shelter)
2:50 pm Game session four
3:10 pm Game session five
3:30 to 4:15 pm Scavenger hunt (Rotary field)
5:00 pm All units dinner (Mac Lodge)
8:00 pm Scouts Own and Formal Campfire
(new council campfire area  in Pines at south end of Rotary field,
each unit should come prepared with a skit, song and cheer)

"Blind" Volleyball (Jeff Rogers)
"Blind" Volleyball (Jeff Rogers)

sc9801.jpg (9448 bytes)
Waiting For Seconds..... (Bill Kowalchyk)

Sunday March 1st

Morning activities by individual units

11:00 am Snow sculpturing (Knob Hill field)
12:00 noon Closing ceremonies (Rotary field)


    • Each unit leader must have up to date medical forms for every person attending camp, including youth members, leaders, and adult volunteers
    • Each unit is to come totally self equipped including dishes & cutlery
    • Times indicated are the start of game sessions when teams are to be at their designated areas. Each 20 minute session includes 15 minutes for games and 5 minutes for moving to the next area at the end of each session. Teams will be rotated through all the games.
    • Teams will be made up of youth representatives from all units (i.e. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts). Scouts will act as team leaders. Venturers will be running the games with adult assistance as required.
    • Games include:
    • Snow

      No Snow

      snow soccer soccer
      snow catapult water balloon catapult
      inner tube sledding blind volleyball
      snow tug-o-war tug-o-war
      triathalon triathalon

      (torch relay, dog sledding, and team skiing)

    • The scavenger hunt will be by teams and will cover most of Camp Manitou
    • Sunday morning snow sculpturing will be done by individual units. Start your creative planning early!

Our Camp Chief Speaks! (Bill Kowalchyk)
Our Camp Chief Speaks! (Bill Kowalchyk)

Going For The Gold! (Jeff Rogers)
Going For The Gold! (Jeff Rogers)


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