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Welcome to a pictorial history of 15th Burlington, predecessor to the current 15th Strathcona Scouting Group! 

For over 40 years hundreds of Burlington, Ontario youth experienced the Scouting program with 15th Burlington. This collection of photos is intended as a nostalgic look back at our past, at the youth who made it so much fun, and the leaders who so willingly gave their time. I hope you enjoy it!

The current collection now spans the years from 1974 to 1999. The majority of the photos are from the collections of Wayne Clark, Edward Kowalchyk, Bill Kowalchyk, George Wilbur, Peter James, and Dave Trefethen, former 15th Burlington Scouters; and Marian Appleton, the current 15th Strathcona Pack Scouter.  

New to our album: New page featuring former East Burlington group 23rd Burlington.  New photos courtesy of Scouter Wayne Clark featuring 15th Burlington in the 1970's and 1980's - see the year pages.

If you have any photos of the 15th, particularly pre-1980, and would like them included, please contact us at scouterbill@scouter.ca, or contact Scouter Bill Kowalchyk (905-520-9517).


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