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5th Scouts Canada Jamboree, 1981 - Page 1
Kananaskis Country, Alberta

The 5th Scouts Canada Jamboree took place in July 1981. It was held in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in scenic Kananaskis Country, Alberta.  To this Jamboree, the 15th Burlington Troop sent its largest contingent ever; 22 youth and 3 leaders!  A group of 15th's Venturers also attended the event. CJ'81 had the highest attendance of any CJ, almost 20,000 participants! Activities included a trip to Banff and Lake Louise (picture 8 Scouts and a leader jammed into a Dodge Aspen), a rainy, but fun, day at the Calgary Stampede, as well as a hike on a mountain trail.  And yes, for the record, Bill DID sit on the eggs! (Thanks for putting up with us, Scouters.)

It should be noted that 15th Burlington was able to send this large group to Alberta thanks to 2 years of active fundraising efforts including fertilizer sales, bottle drives, and the infamous monthly paper drive!

CJ'81 Crest
CJ'81 Crest

Boarding the bus for CJ - 1981
Boarding the bus for CJ'81
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Lake Louise, Alberta - 1981
Lake Louise, Alberta

Steve & Joey Pause To Admire The Scenery
Steve & Joey Pause To Admire The Scenery

Opening Ceremony After Flag Break
Opening Ceremony After Flag Break

An Arial View Of Banff
An Arial View Of Banff

Yeeehaw!  Rodeo Time In Calgary
Yeeehaw!  Rodeo Time In Calgary

Scouter Wayne On A Rainy Day In Calgary
Scouter Wayne On A Rainy Day In Calgary

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