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Surf's Up!: Rules for the Web
Surf's Up! As more and more kids get "on-line" surfin' the net, it is important that you understand some very important rules of the Internet:
  1. DO NOT give out personal information such as address, telephone number, parents' work addresses or phone numbers, or the name and location of your school without your parent's permission.
  2. Tell your parents right away if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable
  3. NEVER agree to get together with someone you "meet" online without first checking with your parents. If they agree to the meeting, be sure that it is in a public place with a parent present.
  4. NEVER send a picture or anything else without first checking with your parents.
  5. DO NOT respond to any messages that are mean or in any way make you feel uncomfortable.: It is not your fault if you get a message like that.
  6. Talk with your parents and set up rules for going online. Decide the time of day, length of time, and appropriate areas that you will visit.
Are you looking for some cool places to Surf on the Net? Check out our special page of Scouting and Cubbing Links, search tools, and other helpful links to get you started!


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-thanks to our friends at Cub Scout Pack #167- Oahu, Hawaii for the use of their "Web Rules". 

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