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Responsibilities of the Sixer and the Second in the Cub Pack
Keeping The Law of the Jungle!
  1. KEEP LAW & ORDER - The pack is made up of a great many Wolf Cubs. It is the wish of every Cub to run and play and this is good, however, if all the Pack should run wild and free at the same time, there would never be any food to eat because no one would hunt. Also, no one would know the ways of the Jungle because none would stop to learn. Soon each Cub, strong and weak alike, would tire and be eaten by our enemies of the Jungle and then the Pack would be no more. It is your responsibility to make sure this doesn't happen by keeping your Six together and reasonably quiet in their lair until the leaders call you out.
  2. RELAY MESSAGES - Many times things happen in the Jungle when all the Pack is scattered. In these moments, Akela and the leaders will have to spread the important news quickly. To do this thing, you will be called and asked to relay the message to each of your Cubs so that all will know as quickly as possible.
  1. TEACH NEW CUBS - Once upon a time, you were a young and unlearned Wolf Cub. Many things in the Jungle were strange and unknown to you. Remember how many times you were scolded for not obeying the Laws of the Pack? In your lair (Six), there are new Cubs who are frightened of these new things and will not know what to do. They will look to you, the wise old Cub (Sixer) to teach them the ways of the Pack. This you must do. Also, from time to time, you will be expected to meet with the Beaver Colony to talk with them about Wolf Cubs
  2. ATTENDANCE & DUES - It is the duty of every Wolf Cub to go out into the Jungle to hunt and bring back food. This food (dues) is then shared amongst the pack to keep it strong. You who have become an older and wiser Cub, know that there are many dangers and temptations in the Jungle which may cause a Wolf Cub to go astray; therefore at the start of each meeting, the leaders of the pack expect the "Pack Scribe" to go to each lair and take attendance of the Six.


  • Keep six together & reasonably quiet
  • Duty Six - set up flags, tables & chairs etc.


  • Assemble Six
  • Get ready for inspection
  • Keep lair (six) tidy
  • Teach new Cubs the rules and how things are done


  • Duty Six - put everything away neatly
  • Telephone Six - remind them of things, special events, your week to be duty six, don't forget to bring in things, permission slips etc.
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