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Wonderland Trip, Summer '99

On July 17th 15th Burlington held it's first ever family day at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, north of Toronto.  With over 50 rides, live shows, and a 20 acre water park, the park is Canada's largest theme park.  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers were invited to attend with their families and friends.

A few brave souls spent the day with Kaa, Akela, and Raksha.  It was wild, it was wacky, IT WAS WET.  But even a torrential downpour couldn't dampen our spirits...

Getting Wet On White Water Canyon
Getting Wet On White Water CanyonTM

Matt Makes A Run For It On The Krachenwagen
Matt Makes A Run For It On The KrachenwagenTM

Taming The Ghoster Coaster
Taming The Ghoster CoasterTM

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