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"Best Six" Program
This is an inspection program where the Cubs will earn points on a "Six" basis. A list of the things the Cubs will be checked for on a point system follows. Please encourage you Cub to refer to this list each week. The Six with the most points at the end of the year will receive an award or a special outing planned just for them. Last year’s Best Six Outing was a sailing trip on Lake Ontario

Full six present gets 10 points
Each unexplained absence loose 2 points, be sure to call your Sixer or Second if you are unable to attend the meeting.

General Inspection:
1 Point per Cub for the following:

  • Full uniform - neatness
  • Comb (for neat Cub Fur)
  • Tissue
  • Cub Book
  • Pencil
  • Clean hand & nails (Paws & Claws)

A bonus of 1 point will be given if the Cub has a First Aid Kit. Other bonus points to a maximum of 3 per Cub will be given for Cub related articles (Compass, flashlight, rope) brought by the Cub being inspected.

Up to 5 points awarded per Six for good behaviour as a Six. (awarded at the end of the evening)

We are going to award Cubs on an individual basis for participating in extra events such as hikes, camps, fund raising etc. For each Cub attending the activity the six will receive 1 point. For full and prompt six attendance at the activity they will receive an additional 5 points.

Always Do Your Best

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