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Files:  small square or flat (not round) files.  The smaller the better.

Wax: spray Pledge

Sandpaper: "cabinet grade”

Emery paper: 1500 grit (600 is ok too), the finer the better


Electric drill

Vise grips

Rags to use as polishing cloths

Candles, matches

1 Kub Kar Kit


Showing Off A Kub Kar Creation (Bill Kowalchyk)
Showing Off A Kub Kar Creation  (Bill Kowalchyk)

Taking A Shot (Bill Kowalchyk)
Taking A Shot (Bill Kowalchyk) 


1. Check all nails to be sure that they are straight. File the burrs from the bottom of the nail heads.

2. Hand sand the "bump" on the wheel caused from the mould. Sand all the way around to avoid a flat spot. DO NOT round the edges of the wheels.

3. Hand sand burrs on the inside axle holder of the wheel (the outside of the small hole that the axle goes into)

4. Put the nail into the drill, tighten the drill so that there is no slipping

5. Use a narrow precut strip of emery paper. Loop over nail and run the drill at the highest speed. Move the paper up and down for about one minute. If paper breaks, use another piece.

6. Spray some pledge onto a cloth. With nail still in drill spin the nail into the polish. Then spin on a clean area of the cloth to polish.


7. DO NOT TOUCH THE NAIL. Remove from drill by dropping onto work surface.

8. Using a toothpick, dab some wax onto the wheel, both inside and outside the axle hole.

9. Place axle through the wheel, spin the wheel and blow to dry the wax.

10. Using the cloth that already has pledge on it, wax and polish the outside of the Kar where the wheels attach and also the inside of the wheels where they touch the Kar.

11. Attach wheels. Not too far in or will rub on the Kub Kar. Too far out and the Kar will wobble. Trying to avoid rocking or chattering of the wheels.  ONCE WHEELS ARE IN PLACE LEAVE THEM ALONE.

12. Melt candle wax into axle hole once in place.


Award Presentation (Bill Kowalchyk)
Award Presentation (Bill Kowalchyk)

Kub Kar wheel treatment tips courtesy Scouter Edwin Deacon (Grey Wolf, 2nd Burlington), reproduced here with permission.


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