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Ready To Race!
Ready To Race!

A few years ago, 15th Strathcona's Kub Kar Pages were visited by Akela Reg Gothard of the 1st Okotoks Wolf Cub Pack.  He forwarded to us some additional "pack night" event and race ideas which are also quite innovative.  With Scouter Reg's permission, we present some of 1st Okotoks' ideas:

Kraziest Kar Judging

This is an elective class for judging the kars that we call "Kraziest Kar". The idea is that they try to build a Kub Kar that is not a kar. We relax the height rule, and also allow materials other than those supplied in the package, but keep to all other dimensions, and the weight rule is rigorously enforced (drills and gas
torches at the ready!)

In past years, Cubs and leaders have come up with Mars bars, cell phones, gas stations (!), semi-trailer tractors, bananas, hedgehogs and so on. One year, we had a block of wood covered in duct tape called
the 'Red Green special'.

Although this class isn't for everyone, it certainly brings out the creativity in the Cubs (and the leaders, and the parents)!


Kub Kars Need Not Always Look Like Cars....
Kub Kars Need Not Always Look Like Cars....

Circle Story

The other thing I've done once or twice is a circle story based on formula one racing. I had the kids singing the first lines of national anthems (we had a German cub that year -- his dad's rendition of
Deutscheland Deutscheland ober alles' (sp?) was particularly memorable. Other sounds included changing gear, braking, pit stop noises and so on..

The Race Is On.......
The Race Is On.......

1st Okotoks Race System

The system we use for racing is to break the entrants into leagues of 10 kars. (I hope the word 'league' doesn't confuse. I'm from England, where
I would use the word 'table', but I get blank looks on people's faces when I use that word, so 'league' is the best alternative I've come up with.)
Each kar races four times. The races are organized so that each kar races each other kar in its league at least once, and uses a different
lane (believe it or not we've had parents in the past who complained that one lane was slower than the others!). 1 point is awarded for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, and so on.

Placings within each league are determined by these points -- the lowest number of points is the best kar (Less confusing than awarding 4 points for 1st place, 3 for 2nd etc., and highest points is highest placed) We take enough kars from each of these leagues to produce a second stage of two leagues of 8 kars each. These kars race three times against the other kars in their league. The two fastest kars from each league then go into the finals, where the four kars race each other four times. I organize the races and produce all the paperwork via an EXCEL spreadsheet and accompanying instructions, to get kars in the right lanes in the right races.

Between the first and second stages, and between the second stage and the finals, we have "line-up racing" where cubs just line up at the start end of the track and have their kars raced against whichever other kars show up. We also race a kar from each six against each other -- i.e. the cubs line up in their sixes with their kars. We take one kar from each six and put it on the track and race. By keeping count of the winners we can declare one six or another the winners of that particular

We hand out trophies for fastest kar, best paint job, kraziest kar (described above) and "Judges' choice". This latter category recognises special effort by a Cub that wouldn't have been eligible for any of the other awards. For example, a couple of years ago, our KK Rally was held on Canada flag day (Feb 15), and one Cub had painted his car up with the Canadian flag.

Do you have a favorite event which you run at your Kub Kar / Pinewood Derby day?  If so, we'd love to hear about it!   Contact our Webmaster at ScouterBill@scouter.ca.


15th Burlington 2000 Kub Kar Winners
15th Burlington 2000 Kub Kar Winners


Activities on this page, courtesy Reg Gothard - 1st Okotoks Wolf Cub Pack, reproduced here with permission.


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