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Cubs Gather For Kub Kar Fun Day (Bill Kowalchyk)
Cubs Gather For Kub Kar Fun Day (Bill Kowalchyk)

In recent years our Burlington has broadened the Kub Kar activity beyond just the race trials on the track.  Once the initial elimination runs have completed, Cubs are divided into equal-sized teams and run through a series of activity stations.  The Cubs spend about 15 minutes cycling through each station, though times can be adjusted depending on the size of the group.   Cubs still involved with the time trails are added to the teams as they are eliminated.  Listed below are just a few of the events which can be run:

Kub Kar Curling

Cubs slide their Kars down the floor, attempting to get as close as possible to the centre of a target laid out on the floor about 50 metres away.  Competing Cubs also attempt to get as close to the centre as possible, but can also knock other Kars out of the target.


Kub Kar Kurling (Ken Frankum)
Kub Kar Kurling (Ken Frankum)

Distance Competition

The Kar comes down a track, with a special run-off section, and rolls along the floor. Points are scored, depending how far the Kar travels along the floor, without going out-of-bounds.

Entering The Speed Trap
Entering The Speed Trap (Bill Kowalchyk)

Speed Trap

The Kar comes down the centre lane of a track, and through a timing box at the bottom of the track. The speed of the car is computed, based on how fast it is traveling, as it goes through the measured area in the timing box.



Bowling pins (cups) are set up on a mat. The Kar is rolled down the mat, and strikes the pins. Points scored depending on how many pins are knocked over.


Kub Kar Bowling (Ken Frankum)
Kub Kar Bowling (Ken Frankum)

Navigating The Obstacle Course (Bill Kowalchyk)

Obstacle Course

The Kar is rolled through a row of cups, to land on scoring zones on a mat. Points scored depending on the zone it lands on.



Sling Shot

Using a large rubber band, Cubs propel cars through one of three holes cut into a soft foam wall several metres away.


The Sling Shot Event (Bill Kowalchyk)
The Sling Shot Event (Bill Kowalchyk)

The Sling Shot Hurls A Kar Towards The Target (Bill Kowalchyk)
The Sling Shot Hurls A Kar Towards The Target (Bill Kowalchyk)

Ramp Jump

Cubs roll cars up a small ramp to land on a target on a thick foam pad. The target rings are labeled with different values, like a dart board.  This activity has been run by our group in recent years.  It's great fun, bur quite destructive on the Kars if the foam pad is overshot......


Ramp Jump (Ken Frankum)
Ramp Jump (Ken Frankum)

Watching The Kars Go Uphill (Bill Kowalchyk)
Watching The Kars Go Uphill (Bill Kowalchyk)

Uphill Climb

Kars are rolled UP a Kub Kar track, from bottom to top. Points are scored, depending on how far up the track the Kar gets, without going over the top.


*** STUNT CARS – if any of the Cubs do not wish to risk damage to their Kars, in some of the events, such as Sling Shot, or Ramp Jump, we try to have a few “STUNT CARS” available for their use at these events. ( These are “previously raced” Kub Kars, from leaders or Cubs, that have been donated for this purpose )  

NOTE: Scoring for these Events is on a "personal-best" basis only. These are non-competitive, fun events for the Cubs. No awards will be given for these events.

Of course, the healthy competition of the Kub Kar race remains an important part of the program.  The Cubs will enjoy themselves along as they remember that "doing your best" is as important as having the fastest Kar!

Do you have a favorite event which you run at your Kub Kar / Pinewood Derby day?  If so, we'd love to hear about it!   Contact our webmaster at ScouterBill@scouter.ca.


1999 Race & Best Appearance Winners
1999 Fastest Car & Best Appearance Winners (Bill Kowalchyk)


E-Mail ScouterBill@scouter.ca

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