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Our Group Neckerchief & Crests

15th Burlington's Original Tartan Scarf 1966-1980
15th Burlington's Original
Tartan Scarf 1966-1980

The history behind the our neckerchief and group patch goes back to our group's beginnings and the selection of a green tartan design as our neckerchief.  The scarf served us well for many years, but by 1980 we were unable to source any material in the tartan pattern required to make any new scarves.   One of our group committee members at the time, Mrs. MacKay, was charged with coming up with a new design.

Since its introduction in 1980, our group's "double blue" neckerchief officially featured a sewn on crest of the Scouts Canada logo at the point. Unfortunately, the production of the Scouts Canada crest in the size required for our neckerchiefs was discontinued several years ago. Since that time we have had a mix of "neckers" both with and without the sewn on crest.

Neckerchief & Crest, circa 1980 (Area Archives)
Neckerchief & Crest, circa 1980 (Burlington Area Archives)

15th Neckerchief CrestNew Sponsor Crest

15th Neckerchief Crest and the New Sponsor Crest

Rather than abandon the crest, or attempt to obtain the permissions and authorizations required to reproduce the Scouts Canada crest, the Group Committee decided in late 1997 to adopt a new group crest to commemorate our 30th anniversary. Permission was obtained from the Area to change our "colours".  

This crest remained in use until 2012, when the group obtained a new sponsor (Appleby United Church), changed its name to 15th Strathcona, and transitioned to using the United Church of Canada Scouting crest for our neckerchiefs.


In addition to the necker crest, Group Committee voted in 1997 to replace the group name shoulder tape with a new shoulder patch based on the necker design. The "banner" design featured the group colour blue in the trim and the "15th" lettering, a red "Burlington" denoting our Area, and a maple leaf and blue fleur-de-lis identifying us as members of Scouts Canada.  The "banner" design was retired in the fall of 2006.


Old Name Tape
Old Name Tape

"Banner" Shoulder Flash 1997-2006

"Banner" Shoulder Flash 1997-2006

40th Anniversary Shoulder Patch 2006-2009

40th Anniversary Shoulder Patch 2006-2009

Shoulder Patch with "Burlington, Ontario"

Shoulder Patch with "Burlington, Ontario"

To celebrate our 40th anniversary during the 2006/2007 Scouting year a new shoulder patch was introduced.  Retaining the "banner" logo used by the group for almost 10 years, the shoulder crest now is in a larger "CSP" style, and re-introduces our original tartan colours to celebrate the group's history.  The "Forty Years of Adventure" text was produced in a limited issue, and was eventually  been replaced by "Burlington, Ontario".

In January 2012, 15th gained a new sponsor in Appleby United Church.  Along with the new sponsor came a new name - 15th Strathcona.  The new name honours both 15th's long history and also the heritage of the 2nd Strathcona group which was previously sponsored by Appleby.  The new crest that has been created combines the old 15th Burlington Crest with a new "red tartan" element in honour of 2nd Strathcona which used the Royal Stewart tartan as its neckerchief.


Note to Badge Collectors:
f you would like to trade for one of the group crests (1:1 only), or the Burlington, or Central Escarpment crests please contact our webmaster at

Current Shoulder Patch

Current Shoulder Patch


Other Crests Available:

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Burlington District Council Crest

Central Escarpment Regional Council
Area Council

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