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Company By-Laws (2007 Edition)

NOTE: These Company By-Laws are as established in the 2007-2008 Scouting Year, please consult with the Company Executive or Advisors as to any changes that may have taken place since then.

Company Organization

The company will subscribe to the aims and principles of Scouts Canada and live up to the Venturer promise.   The company will create activities that will enable all members to achieve personal objectives.   The company will be involved in the selection of itís advisors so as to ensure like interests and compatibility.

Executive Committee

President: chairs all meetings and coordinates the company activities.

Vice-President: acts on behalf of the President when required and performs other duties as requested by the Executive (phoning all of the members to notify of activities as required).

Secretary: records attendance, takes minutes of the business meetings, and writes the written correspondence on behalf of the Company.

Treasurer: keeps all financial accounts and records of the Company.

Quartermaster: records and maintains the Company equipment, organizes the equipment required for all events.

Advisors: support and advise the Executive and the Members in achieving their objective


Election of Officers

Nominations for the new Executive shall be undertaken annually. The nomination committee shall be made up of all registered Venturer Members. The new Executive must be in place by October 30th.  Vacancies shall be filled as soon as possible after the Company has been notified of the vacancy. If the position cannot be filled for any reason, the President, with the concurrence of the Advisors, will appoint a member to this position.


Members must pay the usual registration fee levied by the Group Committee, in conjunction with Scouts Canada, at the time and place as determined by the Group Committee. Dues shall be $15 a year for the company.


Members should make an effort to contact another member to inform the Company of his/her absence. You must notify attendance before an event or meeting.

Company Organization

The Company will endeavour to live according to the Aims and Principles of Scouts Canada, to the Venturer Promise and to design activities as described in the Canadian Venturer handbook.   The entire Venturer Company shall have a meeting every Monday, or at another regular or recurring time.


The Venturer uniform shall be worn on all Company activities decided upon by the Executive.

Executive can make uniform optional for informal activities.

The uniform shall consist of:


1. Formal: regulation Scouts Canada Venturer shirt.

2. Informal: appropriate dress of your choice.

3. 15th Strathcona neckerchief.

4. Navy blue pants (not sweat pants or jeans).


The new Executive will review the By-laws annually.

Amendments to the By-laws are to be proposed as soon as possible after the Executive review. Amendments to the By-laws can be proposed throughout the year. Amendments will be presented and discussed at 2 meetings and voted on at the third meeting.   This meeting shall ocour  in the June of each year.   A three-quarters majority of all members must give approval to these changes.


All members are entitled to one vote in the organization. Voting shall be by show of hands unless a motion is put forth for a secret ballot. Voting for the executive at the annual general meeting and any personnel matters shall always be by secret ballot.

There shall be no proxy voting permitted in the organization.


A quorum for any membership meeting or the annual general meeting shall not be less than 75% and a minimum of one non-executive member.

A quorum for an executive meeting shall not be less than 3/4 of the executive members.

Deportment of Members:

While on or training for group activities:

No member shall report to an event, training activity, or meeting under the influence of a toxic substance.

No member shall carry or consume a toxic substance.

No member shall appear or act slovenly during any official events.

On an event all members shall comply with the directions given by the person in charge of the event or designate. People in charge shall be made clear prior to the event and/or on the day of the event.

No members shall date each other.

No member shall enter any member of the opposite gender's tent under any circumstances

No member shall enter a tent(belonging to members of the same gender) that they are not sleeping in, unless with permission from all members sleeping in that tent.

If a member feels they cannot comply with the event requirements, then they shall be relieved of their duties and will not interfere with the other members of the group in the performance of their duties.

New Members:

Members' acceptance into the organization will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis up to the maximum amount of 12 members.   Acceptance of new comers must be voted on.

Removal of a Member:

If the executive feels that a person has not been fulfilling the principles of the organization as laid out in the charter and bylaws or has been acting inappropriately they may place the person on probation provided quorum and 75% vote has been met.

If at any point during the probation period the executive feels the person is still a problem they can put a vote to the whole group where an 75% vote shall be required to remove the person from the group.


Payments are due before camp starts

If payment isn't made at the time it's due the cost rises another dollar every week thereafter.

Replacement of an Advisor

The Advisor may be replaced or removed from the Company with a three-quarters majority vote by all voting members. When such a vote takes place, both the Advisor and the Group Comissioner should be notified. 


Safety shall be foremost in all members' minds at all times. No unsafe act is to occur, nor shall any member order or counsel any other member to carry on an unsafe act.


Use discretion and good judgment with equipment and language and behaviour.

Do nothing illegal (respect local government).

Advisors and Venturers who are related or in a relationship are expected to assume their Scouting roles while attending Scouting activities.

Company decides on the participating adults. (other people who come with us on activities) Advisors are Advisors.

All members of the company shall show respect to fellow people during all scouting activities.


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