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The Beaver Scout Uniform

New Uniform

Our new uniforms have been unveiled - the first major redesign in 20 years!  Details on the new uniform are below, and you can check out the new look at

NOTE: The new uniform is primarily for new members as they enter the program, or for when uniforms need to be replaced.  Current Colony members are welcome to continue to wear the older style uniform until they leave the Colony program, or until they outgrow their uniform.

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Scouting began as a Movement in which members wore a simple but distinctive uniform.  The uniforms worn today have a number of purposes, including identification of the wearer as a member of Scouts Canada and the World Organization of the Scout Movement, encouraging pride of belonging to Scouting, and  providing a common dress in which members from all segments of Canadian society can meet as equals.

Rooted in more than 100 years of tradition, the iconic Scouting uniform is getting an exciting new makeover! As part of a comprehensive national Action Plan for Canadian Scouting, Scouts Canada recently announced its partnership with the Joe Fresh® brand to design a stylish and dynamic clothing line that reflects the organization’s spirit and energy. The contemporary uniforms were revealed in March 2011 during a celebratory event held in Toronto, Ontario - and were adopted for use in September 2011.

New Uniform

The Beaver uniform is blue and brown.  These colours symbolize colours of nature; brown for the earth and the Beaver's fur coat and blue for the clear sky and the fresh sparkling water.

A Beaver should be taught at the outset to respect his uniform and to wear it proudly.  The Beaver should be encouraged to wear the full uniform after investiture.  Our Colony requires that a full uniform be worn by all members as shown below:

The Beaver Uniform

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