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Who Are We And What Do We Do...
15th Burlington Beavers! Meeting Night: Mondays

Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Frontenac Public School


Ryan Schooley

Beaver Scouts is a fun program designed to meet the interests of boys and girls 5, 6 and 7 years old. This simple flexible program is based upon the theme of Beavers and the Beaver Colony. It focuses on sharing and learning in a group situation in harmony with nature. Individual competition and structured achievement are not part of the program.

Beaver Scout colours are brown and blue; brown to symbolize the earth and the beaver's fur coat; blue to symbolize the clear sky and fresh, sparkling water. The Beaver program is based on the story "Friends of the Forest", which describes the Jones family and their adventures. Scouting's Aim is expressed in the Beaver Scout promise, law and motto.

When a youth puts on a Beaver Scout uniform and comes to the Pond, the name of the meeting place, they enter a special world for young people. Normally, meetings are held once a week for about an hour in the early evening, or on weekends. At a Beaver Scout meeting the youth enjoy active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, singing and opening and closing ceremonies. About once a month, they may have a special program; a hike, party, visit, picnic or special celebration.

Beaver Scout Promise:
I promise to love God and help take care of the world.

Beaver Scout Law:
A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps his family and friends.

Beaver Scout Motto:
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing


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